Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ship outside Indonesia?

We ship Internationally for wholesale orders of over 100 pieces. Right now our products purchased directly from our website are only available for shipping within Indonesia. We're working to find suitable distribution centers in USA, Europe & Australia at the moment and hope to be able to ship directly to many more countries soon. Contact Us and we may be able to put you in touch with someone in your country who has stock for sale.

Can I add my name or company logo to a Utensil Set?

Yes! Click here to visit the customized utensil set page and input your name or upload your company logo image file as part of your order

Can I come and visit your factory in Bali?

We love to welcome guests! But we also need to manage our time appropriately, so please contact us to make an appointment. We prefer to schedule client visits between 1-4pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays. If this isn't possible just let us know and we'll work something out.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major Credit Cards, Paypal and Bank Transfers.

Is Yasminida Bali a charity or social project?

We get asked this a lot! In short, No. We have never gone out of our way to empower those who are disabled or otherwise facing hardship. If people in this predicament happen to work for us, it's because they're perfectly capable of doing the work. We do support various causes of our own accord and from time to time we may run products supporting a particular cause. Otherwise, we aim to be a regular business that supports those who support us.

Do you produce everything in house?

We do our best to source materials as locally as possible and produce almost everything in our workshop so that we can keep a close eye on the quality of products produced and the quality of our work environment. We do however currently have some fabrics come from overseas and where neceassary we partner with some other businesses to meet demand where we cannot. It is our long term goal to have everything produced in house.

Can I get a discount?

Discounts will be published through our newsletters and social media. For wholesale discounts we have fixed rates which can be founded in the members area. Whilst it's normal in Bali for many businesses to negotiate, we work on a slim margin and we want to ensure that those who make your products are taken care of.

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