Coconut Cutlery

Every part of a coconut fruit and coconut tree can be used.  These fast growing trees are one of the most sustainable timbers available.


Made from Hand-Carved Coconut

Decorative Tray

Coconut Wood vs Bamboo

Bamboo is without a doubt, the most functional eco-friendly material in existance.  It wins on oxygen production, durability, speed of growth and so much more.

Coconut however comes in a close second for this application.  Coconut is a wood, compared to it's grassy competitor, as such it's properties are more consistent.  It's easier to cut and shape whilst also highly durable and it's grain gives a really beautiful look and feel to it.

In Indonesia, Coconut trees are everywhere.  Unlike it's parent species the palm tree, it's not planted in mono-culture environments after cutting down rainforest.  Coconut is one of the fastest growing woods in the world, making it a great solution for sustainable forestry.

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