Yoga & Wellness

These tools will help you on your way to a more Eco-friendly home.  These handy products are based on practicality and style.


Made from Hand-Carved Coconut

Decorative Tray

What are Wellness Products?

Wellness simply means being in a state of healthy body, mind and spirit.  Our wellness products are intended to help you on your way down this path.

Yoga, here in Indonesia, is less frequently used to desribe the acts of stretching and body postures as it has become renowned for in the West.  The word "Yoga", almost entirely refers to Wellness practices, including meditation, breathing, massage, a healthy diet, etc.

We want to cater to both interpretations of the word, with our Yoga Bags designed to be the perfect comfortable and stylish way to carry your mat to practice.  Our eye pillows help not only to get to sleep quicker, with their gentle weight, but take you into a deeper sleep state.

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