Eco Kids

Sustainable products for the new generation.


Made from Hand-Carved Coconut

Decorative Tray

A Fresh Start in protecting the Environment

The practices we learn as children shape our behavior and our perspective on life through to adulthood. 


The new generations will bear the greatest burdern of a world changed by unsustainable practices.  The past 30 years has led to a monumental disconnection from nature and simultaneously an acceptance towards single-use plastics that desperately needs reversing.

Youth climate activists are leading the way, they're holding adults to account for the state of the planet we're leaving to them, and embracing the responsibility that has been bestowed on them; to undo the effects of a generation that prioritised convenience.

It's harder for younger children to understand the effects of plastic waste, and harder to convince them it's an issue when the vast majority of available toys and children's products are bright colorful plastic.

We only have a small selection of Kids products right now, but we're working to design many more!

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